Spacious bed 2m x 1.6m
En-suite bathroom
Storage of Luggage (free)
In-bunk power outlet
Air conditioning
Personal fan
In-room electronic lockers
360° closed-in privacy
Personal reading light

Our mattresses were custom made to ensure you get a deep sleep for a good nights rest.

We created the first smart hostel in Hanoi so you need not worry about losing your belongings.

Sturdy wooden bunks, custom designed by travelers, with heavy curtains for a peaceful, private sleep.

Our smart hostel lets you enter your room, open your locker, and order food & drinks, all with one NFC wristband.

Security is important, so every guest gets their own full-size electronic locker in-room.

What Our Guests Comment

Jasmine Swann England

Just insane for the price, it feels more like a fancy hotel than a hostel but still keeps the vibes πŸ’―πŸ’― Super clean, the pool is amazing and cocktails 10/10. Rooms super comfortable and showers strong and hot. The whole team is so kind and super helpful - everything from laundry to tours to buses are sorted for you if you need and always with a smile πŸ™‚ Cannot recommend anywhere more than here πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Our bunks are the best.

It’s simple, we want you to be happy and that means a comfortable and safe place to lay your head.

We started with great mattress, because a good sleep means more energy for tomorrow.

All of our bunks have 360Β° privacy so you feel cozy and peaceful in your own space

Designed by Travelers for Backpackers and Flash packers alike.

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This is our most popular options for guests who want a bit of fun and a bit of quiet. Because life is all about balance, right!?

  • All our beds are a spacious 2m x 1.6m
  • Free available high speed WIFI
  • All our rooms have en-suite bathrooms unless otherwise mentioned
  • Meet your next travel mates here.

Book the entire 6 BED DORM for the best friends adventure

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Most-booked rooms

  • 4-BED-POOLSIDE-PARTY-the-one-hostel
    / 1 night

    You will hear the music and people having fun in the pool, but maybe that’s exactly what you want to get you motivated for the social life.

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  • 6-BED-FEMALE-DORM-the-one-hostel
    / 1 night

    Indulge in the ultimate experience of connecting with like-minded female travelers and discovering your next sightseeing companions in comfort.

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  • 6-BED-DORM-the-one-hostel
    / 1 night
    6 BED DORM

    Experience the perfect balance of affordability and camaraderie, where travelers come together to forge lasting connections and create unforgettable memories.

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